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Transportation to Shimabara city
The map of access
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The map of access

various transportation

[Highway Bus]

About 3 hours from JR “Hakata Station” → Shimatetsu bus terminal from Hakata Station (Shimabara City)


About 3 hours from JR Hakata Station .Hakata Station →JR Isahaya Station → Shimabara Railway


There are buses for the Shimabara peninsula district departing from in front the JR Isahaya Station.


Nagasaki airport is the closest airport.
It is about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Tokyo to the Nagasaki airport,and from Osaka it is about 1 hour and 50 minutes to the Nagasaki airport.
There are buses from the Nagasaki airport to the port of Shimabara on the Shimabara peninsula.

[High Speed Vessel]

Access from Fukuoka Tenjin is convenient.
It is about 50 minutes from the port of Miike to the Shimabara port.
The bus from Omuta Station to the port of Miike takes 8 minutes.
The Nishitetu Limited Express train from Fukuoka Tenjin takes about one hour to Omuta Station.


It is from 30 minutes to one hour from the port of Kumamoto to the port Shimabara.
It is about 30 minutes from the port of Oniike to the port of Kuchinotsu.
It is about 30 minutes from the port of Nagasu to the port of Taira.

[By Car]

The closest interchange is the Isahaya interchange off the Nagasaki Expressway.
It is 3.5 hours from Fukuoka city:Kyushu Expressway  → Nagasaki Expressway Isahaya Interchange  → National Route 251.
It is about 1.5 hours from Nagasaki city by National Route 251.

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