Model Course

Shimabara Peninsula,“GEO SARAKU”Model Course

The model course of the Unzen Volcanic Area Global Geopark

There are many attractions in the Geopark.

At the Geosite, you can encounter the history and the cultural heritage which result from splendid scenery (the topography) and stratum, a hot springs and the earth which nature created.

Unzen Volcanic Area Global Geopark introduces a model course throuth the Geopark by car.

GEO “SARUKU”course
●Experience the course of evolution from 430 million years ago to the present Shimabara Peninsula.
Exploring the Origins of Shimabara Peninsula
Time required: 225min.

Hayasaki sea shore Mejima Futago rock Kunisaki Peninsula
30min. 10min Visit 15min. 10min 10min. 5min 15min. 10min
Hayasaki Basalt



Tanabatake Observatory Hanabusa Observation Station Hara Castle Site
Tatsuishi sea shore
15min. 10min 15min. 15min 30min.
15min 20min.