Model Course

GEO “SARUKU”course
●Visiting remains of the “Shimabara Catastrophe” ,the worst volcanic disaster in recorded history ,occurred in 1792.
Retracing the Shimabara Catastrophe
Time required: 190min.

Shimabara  Castle Lake Shirachi and Otonashi River Hyoutan Pond Park Nita Danchi Daiichi Park
40min. 5min 20min. 5min 15min. 5min 15min. 10min
Hayasaki Basalt
トイレ有り食事処あり トイレ有り トイレ有り トイレ有り



Chichibugaura Park Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall (“Gamadas Dome”)
10min. 5min 60min.
Beginning of Unzen volcano Extensive facilities and extensive documentation
トイレ有り トイレ有り食事処あり