Model Course

GEO “SARUKU”course
●It is a course following the Heisei eruption and the relics of the disaster for 5years from 1990.
Retracing the Heisei Eruption
Time required: 265min.

Mt.Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall
(“Gamadas Dome”)
Memorial Park of Houses Destroyed by Debris Flow Kunisaki
Ruins of Former Onokoba Elementary School
The Furthest Point Reached by the Pyroclastic Flow
60min. 10min 30min. 10min 50min. 5min 10min. 10min

トイレ有り食事処あり トイレ有り食事処あり トイレ有り トイレ有り



Heisei Shinzan Nature Center Senbongi Observation Station Shimabara Castle
30min. 5min 15min. 10min 20min.