Model Course

GEO “SARUKU”course
●A route for tracing the history of the fierce battles of samurai warriors in the feudal era shown by battle sites.
Visit to the Old Battlefield of Samurais of the Middle Ages
Time required: 280min.

Aino Observatory Yamada Castle Ruins Park Moriyama Otsuka Old Burial Mound Kunimi Pavilion (Unzen City History Museum)
30min. 15min 20min. 10min 15min. 10min 20min. foot5min

トイレ有り食事処あり トイレ有り トイレ有り



Koujiro Lane and the Nabeshima Residence Koujiro Castle Ruins (Tsurukame Castle) Omohama Coast Aso Volcano Pyroclastic Flow Sediment Iron Sand and Middle Ages Tatara Iron Manufacture Onobaru Ruins Pavilion
30min. foot5min 15min. 5min 20min.
10min 30min. 10min

トイレ有り トイレ有り トイレ有り



Monument to the Fight of Okitanawate and the Death of Ryuzoujitakanobu in Battle Shimabara Castle
Visit 15min. 5min Visit 40min.