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The Secretariat of the Council for the Promotion of Unzen Volcanic Area Geopark operates in accordance with the following policies regarding the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and relevant government ordinances and guidelines for the appropriate use and protection of personal information.

1. The purpose of using personal information

In order to respond to our customers’ requests we may need to acquire information such as customers’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, gender and so on. Methods of acquisition include information supplied directly by the person during work and indirectly from a third party when we subcontract work out. Regardless of whether the information is acquired directly or indirectly, we will only use this information in order to facilitate the carrying out of delivery duties and so on.

2. Personal data storage and costs

To prevent the leakage, loss or damage of personal data, we carry out the utmost efforts for protecting the safety of personal information such as managing the access of personal information, restricting its removal and preventing unauthorized external access as well implementing other policies and measures. We also monitor appropriately subcontractors’ use of personal information.

3. Provision of personal information

Except in the following cases we do not provide external sources with personal information.
With the permission of the person. In accordance with government ordinances. When it is necessary to subcontract work in order to carry out certain purposes and only within acceptable limits. When we have to share information with cooperatives and other associations we belong to in order to provide various services. When we are requested to do so through formal procedures by courts, police and other public institutions. In urgent situations when human life and/or assets are in danger and it is not possible to obtain the person’s consent

4. Disclosure of personal information, correction, suspension, etc.

When we have requests from the person concerned regarding the disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of personal information, we endeavor to carry out such requests when possible after we have confirmed the person’s identity. When we cannot comply with such requests the reason will be explained to the person. Furthermore, cases may arise when we change the policy in which we protect personal information. In those cases, notification will be made of the changes through our website.